Texas Business Leaders Oppose This Bill

Letter from Ruben S. Martin, III; founder of East Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse: “While I have been a long-term supporter of tort reform in Texas, I cannot support CSSB 1628…It could make it difficult for businesses who suffer an insured loss to receive prompt and full payment for such loss…” Opposition Letter

Letter from Texas Neighborhoods Together: “Senate Bill 1628 would adversely affect both the homeowner associations we represent as well as their individual homeowners.” Texas Neighborhoods Together

Letter from Texas Beverage Association: “There is no legitimate reason to push a legislative agenda that start out to curb “hailstorm abuse” and now dips precipitously into unintended consequences that harm Texas businesses.” Texas Beverage Association

Letter from Willis Group in Houston, Texas: “SB 1628 would significantly impair our ability to protect ourselves, our clients and our employees from losses…” Willis Group

Letter from the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association: “…the passage of the [this] bill could result in unintended consequences that would adversely impact the ability of property owners and their lenders to obtain prompt and full payment…” Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Letter from the Texas Association of Rural Schools: “…SB 1628 would eliminate statutory safeguards…Elimination of these safeguards could result in unnecessary payment denials, or delays, or legitimate claims by school districts.” Texas Association of Rural Schools

Letter from Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas: “Any entity who purchases property and casualty insurance to protect assets on the ground should be worried about the anti-business aspects of the legislation.” Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas

Letter from OTC Global Holdings in Houston, Texas: “OTC buys insurance to protect its business, its assets, and its employees…We oppose SB 1628 because it devalues our insurance by eliminating the protections traditionally provided to policyholders in Texas.” OTC Global Holdings

Letter from Lone Star Corrugated Container Corporation in Irving, Texas: “I am the owner of a large box manufacturing business…employing 120 employees…I strongly oppose any change with the law where it gives an insurance company more opportunity to deny or underpay claims like the one we had at our warehouse.”  Travelers Letter

Letter from Rough Hollow Yacht Club & Marina: “I am writing to respectfuly ask your consideration in opposing SB 1628…If these bills were to pass, they would limit the badly-needed protections for policyholders like me.” 201504271030

Letters from Steve Late, President of BMW of Austin: “Hailstorms pose a unique risk to auto dealers…We rely on our insurance company to cover those losses and make us whole after a storm…this proposed legislation would make it harder for insureds to recover our losses.” Steve Late Letter  Steve Late letter to Speaker Straus

Letter from Coburn’s Supply Company: “These bills would hurt our business, by potentially having a chilling effect on the construction industry in Texas…the bills will create barriers to securing financing for construction projects across Texas.” Coburn Supply Letter

Letter from RMG Hospitality in Dallas, TX: “If these bills were to pass, they would limited the badly-needed protections for policyholders like me.” Letter – RMG Hospitality (2)

Letter from Family Practice Center in McAllen, TX: “I am the owner of the Family Practice Center, which was seriously damaged during the hail storm on March 29, 2012. I am writing to respectfully ask your consideration in opposing SB 1628…” Hail Claim letter to My Reps

Letter from Low Bid, Inc., Amarillo, TX concrete company: “On reading some of the material I have recently seen about the proposed Senate Bill 1628…I was “ASTOUNDED” to say the least.” Low Bid Letter Re Senate Bill 1628 and House Bill 3646

Letter from Owl Ventures Ltd. Presidio Shopping Plaza in McAllen, TX: “If these bills are passed it could ruin small business owners and their properties.” Owl Ventures – Ltr to Senator Hinojosa & Rep R.D. Guerra (1)

Letter from Barn White home decor business in McAllen, TX: “The Texas legislature is considering changing the law making it more difficult to collect on valid, legitimate claims and make the adjusters immune from responsibility. We oppose changing the law…We are female business owners and we believe we were taken advantage of, mislead and not treated in good faith by [the insurance company] and the adjusters.” 2015 0427 Ltr in opposition of SB 1628 & HB 3464

Harold Price, Owner, Frank’s Hardware: “I feel that if this bill passes then they would have no reason to settle and they would just string you out longer and longer in court. …Whatever they pay you’re gonna have to take it and hope that you can get your business put back together.”

Letter from business owner and Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson: “If these bills were to bass, they would limit the badly-needed protections for policyholders like me.” Robertson Bonded Warehouse Letter

Letter from Haynes and Boone attorney Ernest Martin Jr. representing clients like Trammell Crow, Centex Homes, La Quinta Inn & Suites: “I have many clients which are gravely concerned about the unintended consequences of a bill that does much more harm to business interests than it does to curb perceived abuses in a single category of hailstorm clients.” Haynes and Boone Letter

Letter to Rep. Dade Phelan from First Baptist Church of Vidor: “SB 1628 contains language that would reduce the protection and rights of the citizens of Texas, and give the insurance industry undue protection and power under the law.” Dade Phelan-Texas Legislature 4-27-15

Letter from Steve Lerner, President & CEO, TRC Capital Partners: “Texas real estate investors, operators, lenders and tenant all rely on insurers to promptly and fairly pay covered property damage claims. When insurers do not promptly and fairly pay covered claims, we depend on existing insurance laws…SB 1628 substantially undermines these protections.” Redstone Letter

Greg Norton, Owner, Norton Roofing and Construction: “We’re still seeing the damage of 15 – 20% residential, however in the commercial side of it, we’re seeing an extremely high number of claims remaining unpaid, denied or in the argument phase and numerous of those are now going to lawsuits.”

Cheryl Demarco, Owner, RISE: (indoor sports complex): “What are you buying insurance for if you’re not going be able to use it?”